Wild Woman Gatherings, Circles and Events with Sarah Durham Wilson of DOITGIRL and Shakti Sunfire.


Who is the WILD WOMAN? What is the Divine Feminine? What does it mean to be in our POWER? What practices I can use to support me as a WOMAN. LEADER. ACTIVATOR. LOVER? What does it really mean to be a WITCHHow can I walk and practice from a place of EARTH WISDOM


Sarah Durham Wilson of DOITGIRL is an ex-rock journalist turned Divine Feminine writer and teacher who creates under the pen name DOITGIRL. She spends her time on Martha’s Vineyard & Topanga Canyon, and other places where nature- the feminine- rules. She teaches workshops, courses, and retreats on awakening to one’s inner divine feminine nature.

Laura Anne a.k.a. Shakti Sunfire of The Rhythm Way is an internationally recognized movement guide and an advocate of the Earth, Shakti Sunfire blends her deep love of conscious dance, classical Tantra, yoga, mythology and the study of many nature-based traditions into inspiring thematic explorations of Soul. All designed to coax the essential self to the frontier of our life conversation.

A Self-Study Mystery School Course to Awaken Your Inner Priestess and Power Up your Mystical Feminine Heart, Attune you to the Cycles of the Earth, the Phases of the Moon, and Your Sacred Inner Rhythm.

WHEN: When your wild heart is called.

WHERE: Your Living Room, or Out Under the Stars , Or Wherever You FIND YOURSELF.

WHY: Because the Planet Needs You, and You Need You.


  • Six Powerful Two-Hour Calls and Weekly Home Play for Integration and Discovery
    • Original Content and Guest Speakers
    • Ritual suggestion
    • Mystery School Lessons
    • Journaling and contemplation
    • Meditation and grounding exercises
  • 2 Supplimentary Videos
    • Magic Wand Making
    • Moon Medicine & Circle
  • Complete downloadable Waking the Wild WoManual and Workbook written and complied by Shakti and Sarah. Content includes Earth Wisdom, Moon Circle guidance, herbal recipes, chants, astrology guidance and so much more.
  • Dedicated Facebook group COVEN for online sisterhood
  • Private webpage for audio downloads and home play


  • Female archetypal energies ALIVE within and without
  • The 5 Elements (Space, Air, Fire, Water, Earth) and their alchemy
  • The power of personal ritual and ceremony
  • The awakening of the Divine Feminine
  • The balance of masculine and feminine
  • How to lead womens circles
  • Use of sacred objects
  • How we can do our part to reconnect and heal our Mother Earth
  • Human stages of development and honoring rites of passage
  • Menstruation and sacred sexuality practices
  • Moon phases and why they matter
  • Seasons/Sabbats : Honoring the Wheel of the Year
  • The 4 Ways of Knowing
  • Invocations, altar-making and artful prayer
  • Nature practices

Jacqui Becker, Lara Catone, Ali Schueler, and Heather Thurber.

Jacqui Becker

MEAN Business

Transformational Business Coach Jacqui Becker turns your passion, into profit. She's tenacious like a tiger and she won’t let go until you know what you are here on this planet to do. If you have a dream you’re dying to offer, ask her. She’ll pin you to the ground til you birth it.

Allie Schueler

Wild Woman Speaks

Ali is a writer and women’s embodiment mentor, helping women to “unleash and embrace their wild feminine nature". She is committed to the re-sacralization of the feminine across the globe. Her mission is passionately providing women with experience-based tools that inspire life-changing awakening in the feminine, promoting emotional awareness, spiritual fulfillment, wild self-expression as well as a connection to our bodies and their natural cycles. 

Lara Catone

Lara Catone Yoga & Sexual Wellness

Lara Catone is inspiring women worldwide to reclaim their health and the wisdom of their bodies.  As a writer, yoga teacher and sexual wellness coach, Lara supports women in aligning with their reproductive cycles, finding sexual wholeness, navigating changes during the childbearing years and owning their authentic feminine expression.

Heather Thurber

Vibrational Plant Medicine at Breezy Pines Farm

Heather Thurber is a 20 year traditionally trained herbalist, medical aromatherapist, organic farmer and Ayurveda practitioner.  Working with women and children since 1994, Heather's healing mission is "to educate and inspire optimal life fulfillment and fundamentally transform lives in which individuals consciously utilize and tune to their inborn abilities to heal and live in balance". Heather offers plant medicine consults, Ayurveda bodywork services and gardening mentoring at her farm on Martha's Vineyard.

Week One / Space / Hollow Bone

  • Set Intentions
  • Anointing Prayer
  • 4 Ways of Knowing
  • Invocations, altar making and artful prayer + the power of ritual and ceremony
  • Somatics : Sensation as guide
  • Heroine's Journey/Priestess Path

Week Two / Air / Inspiration

  • Calling in the Elements : Cycles of creativity
  • Overview of Air Element
  • Overview of Seasons/Sabbats and their Rituals
  • Stages of Development and Threshold Crossings
  • Saraswati Archetype
  • Winds of Change
  • The Power of Storytelling
  • Special Guest Heather Thurber on Crystals and Herbs

Week Three / Fire / Passion & Will

  • Overview of Fire Element
  • Sacred Sexuality
  • Brigid/Aphrodite/Laksmi Archetypes
  • Money/Values/Abundance
  • The Witch Hunts Then & Now
  • Fire Walking
  • Mary Magdalene
  • Guest Speaker Ali Schueler on Moon Rhythms

Week Four / Water / Intuition & Instinct

  • Overview of Water Element
  • Cultivating Emotional Intelligence
  • Cultivating Intuitive Intelligence
  • Lilith - The Exiled Goddess and her mythology
  • How to lead Moon Circles
  • The Power of Tears & the Sea
  • Guest Speaker Lara Catone on Pleasure and Women's Sexuality

Week Five / Earth / Manifestation

  • Meet Your Guide
  • Overview of Earth Element
  • Central Channel Meditation
  • Doing As the Earth Does : Life & Death Cycles
  • Descent to Soul
  • Sacred Structure Practices
  • Earth Healing / Body Healing, Body as the Earth
  • Special Guest Speaker Jacqui Becker on Manifesting Your Dreams an Money Matters

Week Six / Alchemy / Integration

  • Stepping into Leadership
  • Continuing the practice
  • Embodiment & Priestessing
  • Sacred Activism

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A 6-Week Self Study Mystery School with Shakti Sunfire and Do It Girl + Special Guests Jacqui Becker, Ali Schueler, and Lara Catone.

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